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Francesca G +

Seriously, I did one of your core & abs workouts one time and everyone could already see a difference. You are great! I am good now that I have you in my life! You have been my motivation lately!

Julie P +

I LOVE Robert Jones' workouts on Comcast and want to own some of his workouts on DVD so I can use them whenever I like, even if Comcast decides to no longer carry them On Demand. Recipe for Success, Supreme Combo and Butt Burn are incredible. I'd like to buy some dvds / vids, I don't even care if they are VCR tapes.

Mel R +

How can I buy your dvd? I was obsessed with your workouts on xfinity, but now have direct tv! No joke, your ab workout was the best I’ve ever done. Ok I just ordered it! I will take before and after pics :). When I was doing your workouts on demand, my abs were noticeably more ripped! I’m so excited!

Mike P +

Mr. Jones workouts on Comcast are really pushing me. Trying my best to keep up. Much respect for the work you do. Thank you a lot! But, I can't say I like any of your videos:>) I think you're an alien or something...unbelievable what you can do...especially the advanced level videos. I'm trying to get there though. Thanks for sharing another resource.

Richard T +

Been doing your on-demand workouts - love the Supreme Combo - kicks my a** first thing in the morning!

Vicky D. +

I've just discovered your workouts on comcast xfinity at home and LOVE them! Would love to know if / where I can get my hands on your workout DVD(s)?? I've been searching on the web but can't seem to find it anywhere. Thanks for letting me know...With my life/work balance upside-down right now, I can only work out at home and your stuff is EXACTLY what I need and want. Looking forward hearing from you and thanks again!